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Russia asks China for military and economic support

Mar 14, 2022

Fresh reports has emerged that the Russian government has asked the Chinese government for military and economic support amidst the invasion of Ukraine and sanctions from the West.

This was disclosed in a report by Financial Times which cited interviews with U.S Government officials on Sunday.

This also comes as the scale of the invasion takes a toll on Russia, as it lost military equipment in a war that has entered its 3rd week.

The report stated that U.S government officials warned that Russia has asked China for military ​equipment to ​support its invasion of Ukraine, warning that China may undermine Western efforts to help Ukrainian forces defend their country, and declining to give details of what Russia had requested.

A U.S government source said, “the US was preparing to warn its allies, amid some indications that China may be preparing to help Russia.” Another source urged that, “Russia was running out of some kinds of weaponry as the war in Ukraine extends into its third week.”
The White House did not comment, meanwhile, the report also stated that Liu Pengyu, the Chinese embassy spokesperson in Washington, said he was unaware of any suggestions that China might be willing to help Russia, as “China is deeply concerned and grieved on the Ukraine situation”.