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Immigration Pathways To Germany

Mar 16, 2022

If you migrate to Germany visit Berlin its capital, you will discover that it is not just a mere historic capital but also a very vibrant city filled with different art, culture and music scene.

Germany is regarded as the fifth most promising and favourable countries you could move to. This down to its strong economy, employment opportunity, and recognized educational system. Everyone wants to be in Germany to experience quality living and so on.

Whatever may be your reason for migration, be assured that it is the right call. To migrate to Germany, you must have a genuine reason else you will be turned down. However, there are several ways you could migrate to Germany and they include:

  • The immigration for Employment
  • The immigration for education
  • The immigration for entrepreneurs
  • The immigration for family
  • The immigration for residence permits

The Immigration for Employment

Germany has recorded a shortage of skilled workers and exceedingly qualified individuals. They are continually on the search for architects, IT experts, nurses and doctors, and other qualified experts and professionals from a different field. To empower such individuals for Germany immigration, international immigration authorities have loosened up the stringent requirements to migrate to Germany and work.

The Immigration for Education

Some people may not be aware that the Government of Germany offers free education. Which means instead of paying huge sums of money for education, you can study for free or for a prize that is as low as nothing. This makes the country a perfect destination for students who wish to ply their trade outside the shores of their home country.

The Immigration for Entrepreneurs

If you are a business person, an entrepreneur or investor and you have in mind to invest in Germany, then you are on the right path. The country offers great immigration option for people who wish to own or buy a business in the country. To qualify for this entrepreneur program you must a net amount of about 250,000 Euros and then you would have to obtain a self-employment visa.

The Immigration For Family

The family immigration program offers an opportunity for the family reunion. Individuals who migrated to Germany without their families have the opportunity to bring their loved one, spouse, dependents child, and other close relatives to Germany using the family immigration program.

To be eligible for this program, you will be required to provide proof to show that you are married that is if you want to bring a partner, or a birth certificate to prove that the child is related to you.

If your child is below 16 years, a German language skill may not be required since they are at a good age to learn it faster.

The Immigration For Residence Permit

You will be required to obtain a residence permit either permanent or temporary before you can settle in Germany. This will be done when you get a visa for immigration. Permanent residence means you can stay in Germany for as long as you like and can travel in and out of the country at will.

The temporary residents only permit immigrants to remain in Germany for a short period of time, and they leave after the visa or permit is given to them expires.