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Expedited Work Permit for U.K. Nationals

Mar 23, 2022

With the latest post-Brexit trade agreement between U.K. and Canada, citizens of the United Kingdom will now be allowed to apply for an expedited work permit to work in Canada. The agreement was made known to the general public on April 1, 2021. All U.K. citizens who were previously under the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) will now be eligible for the work permit under CUKTCA (Canada-UK Trade Continuity Agreement).

This agreement means that UK nationals applying for a work permit in Canada will now have the application expedited since it does not require a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This agreement however will slightly not affect UK nationals who are already working in Canada. So, if you are a U.K. national already working in Canada under the CETA and you wish to extend your permit, you’d have to do that by filling out a new application under CUKTCA.

Some of the Programs that will be processed under CUKTCA

Business Visitors

Business visitors are in Canada for mainly two purposes: short-term and long-term or investment purposes. For the short term, business visitors who are in Canada usually stay in Canada between 3 months to a 6 months period. And in that period, they will only be allowed to take up specific projects and duties such as meetings and consultations, research and design, or marketing research, among others. They will not be allowed to sell goods or services, receive remuneration from a Canadian source, or be engaged in the supply of a service, with some exceptions.

For Business Visitors who are in Canada for investment purposes, the person must be in a managerial level or a specialist position representing the business. They are only allowed to set up an enterprise but will not be permitted to do direct transactions with the public or even receive payment from a Canadian source.


Persons who are vital to investment companies or investment can stay in Canada for up to one year with a possible extension option. The applicant should either be the investor, or a person who will establish, develop or administer the investment operation, or an employer for an investment company with fat pocket investment.

Contractors and Professionals

Contractors and other professionals can also come to Canada under the CUKTCA provided they meet other requirements to work in Canada as a professional, this includes having a degree and other professional qualifications to practice. Financial managers, on the other hand, may not be allowed to apply as independent professionals.

Intra-Company Transferees

Companies can also transfer their employees to Canada from the U.K. under CUKTCA. The eligible applicants may include senior personnel, specialists, or graduate trainees. They are allowed to stay up to three years in Canada with a possible 18 months extension.

Engineering and Scientific Technologists

Engineers and scientific technologists who are looking to work in Canada may also be included in the agreement. The employer-based in Canada must first submit an offer of employment to the Canadian government through the employment portal and pay over $230 employer compliance fee. The contractor or the scientific technologist should also be based in the U.K. for at least one year with a three-year professional experience. Independent professionals based in the U.K. are self-employed and will need at least six years of professional experience.