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Study at University of Ottawa

Mar 24, 2022

The University of Ottawa was founded in 1848. The University is the largest bilingual university in the world with options of studying in English or French languages.

Home to over 40,000 students from over 150 countries, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in over 450 subject areas to choose from. International students can opt for a unique study abroad program where you can choose out of 250 universities in 45 countries besides their home country and have an opportunity to get 2,000 CAD scholarships too.

Irrespective of the cost involved, considering the student reviews for the University of Ottawa, 83% of students have shown their complete satisfaction with the experience at the university and the quality of teaching, 76% felt satisfied with the social experience and 90% appreciated experiential learning.

Top Courses at the University of Ottawa

The courses below also include their fees per annum.

  • Master of Computer Science- $27,487
  • MBA- $51,000
  • B.Sc Computer Science – Data Science- $59,295
  • M.ASc Mechanical Engineering- $20,639
  • M.Eng Mechanical Engineering- $25,403
  • B.Sc Computer Science- $59,294
  • B.ASc Software Engineering- $59,295
  • M.A Economics- $19,289
  • Master of Science in Nursing- $23,564
  • M.Sc Management- $24,750
  • Master of Computer Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence- $20,639
  • M.Eng Electrical and Computer Engineering- $25,403
  • B.Sc Statistics- $40,680
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing- $48,308
  • B.ASc Civil Engineering- $59,294

University of Ottawa Campus 

  • The UOttawa’s main campus is spread over 37.1 hectares and Alta Vista Campus has 7.2 hectares of space. A total of 126 buildings are on campus used for offices, Classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, residential halls, study, and recreational spaces beside the open spaces, parking facilities, and sports facilities.
  • The campus has 302 classrooms and seminar rooms, 263 Labs, and 823 research labs. A network of 12 locations, situated in Morriset hall the UOttawa library has one of the largest collections of printed and eBooks.
  • The campus also hosts a museum and art gallery with some antique artifacts and a collection of unique things of history and religion.

Students Life at the University Campus

You can choose from over 175 different clubs and societies to interact with your niche. For sports heads, there are 45 intramural leagues to become a part of. You can also enjoy comedy nights at Cafe Nostalgic on-campus, be a part of University’s Got Talent, and watch free movie screenings on-campus.


For bookworms, there are over 2,425,000 print books, 74,000+ E-journals, 20,000 digitized French books, 13,000 theses, and more at the uOttawa library. Hence, an international student of any interest can find it easy to live a content life while studying at the University of Ottawa.

University of Ottawa Residence

  • The main campus of the university provides housing and six different categories of residences to the students.
  • LeBlanc, Marchand, Stanton, and Thompson are community-style residence halls, Rideau and Henderson are called Traditional plus as they provide additional facilities to the occupants.
  • 90 University has suites and Friel has suites as well as studio accommodations for the students.
  • Annex, 45 Mann and Hyman Soloway are apartment-style housing that remains open even in winters and provides whole year accommodation. Those students who wish to stay on campus for more than a year generally prefer these apartments.
  • The campus also has independent houses to provide an off-campus living experience and these cater to the senior students already completed 2 years in the university.
  • Off-campus accommodations can also be located with the help of university resources.

Note: The cost of the accommodation varies from 7120 to 20,000+ CAD depending on the type of accommodation and the meal plans costing around 5,500 CAD are mandatory with traditional residence halls.

Admissions at the University of Ottawa


The University of Ottawa offers more than 100 undergraduate courses in the field of Art, Education, Engineering, Health Science, Law, Management, Science, Medicine, Social Sciences. Some of the courses are available in both English and French.

Applicants must also keep in mind that the programs offered by the faculty of law, education, and medicine have a different application process and applicants must contact the respective Faculty before applying

Where to Apply: University of Ottawa Undergraduate Application Portal / University’s online application system

Application Fee: 19 USD

Admission Requirements

  • Official transcripts
    • Translated in English or French based on the program applying for.
  • SAT Score is recommended
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Audition tape (music programs)
  • Portfolio (Arts programs)

Graduate Admission

The requirements and deadlines of every graduate program vary.

Basic Requirements

Applicants applying to Master’s and graduate diploma programs must:

  • Hold an honors bachelor’s degree of 3/4 years from a recognized university.
  • Applicants must have an average of 70%, or B grade (calculated using your last 20 courses)

Where to Apply: OUAC Applications

Application fee: 83 USD