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Top Seven University Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Mar 24, 2022

If there was a way to study in Canada for free or to have your tuition fee cut in half and you only need to pay a part would you not grab it? This post covers the top six scholarships in Canada and how best you can apply for any scholarship in Canada to stand a better chance of getting winning them.

Thousands of students every year move to Canada to study, who wouldn’t want to go to Canada? The country is among the very best in the world. Some of the best schools are in Canada, you find lots of beautiful cities and lively environment that is conducive for learning. However, compared to countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, or Australia, Canada has just a limited number of scholarships available to international students but then international students can take solace knowing that it is quicker and arguably cheaper to process their student visa to Canada than it is with some of the aforementioned countries.

Scholarships in Canada are often provided by the government, private sector, some universities in Canada, and most times religious groups such as Catholic Church scholarships. You can either choose to find scholarship opportunities from your home country which would mean you have to contact the immigration bodies, home affairs, external affairs departments in your home country to aid you.

International students who apply to study at York University in Canada are eligible for the international student’s scholarship program which is worth $60,000 – $100,000 for the duration of the four-year degree program.

University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

An international student who demonstrates excellent academic performance and achievements is welcomed to apply for this scholarship. Applicants are expected to demonstrate a good level of creativity and leadership qualities in their institution. The total benefits for these scholarships are fully covered tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years.

University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students

The University of British Columbia is one of the prestigious and highly ranked institutions not only in Canada but in the world. The scholarship is also awarded based on merits and students and academic performance and achievements. The scholarship is awarded to international undergraduate students who are studying at the University of British Columbia or have just recently secured admission there.

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

The University of Calgary is one of the most recognized institutions in Canada with lots of great academic records from students who have passed through the school. The university is also known to recognize outstanding academic achievements of students with an entrance scholarship award for all undergraduate courses offered at the institution.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

Another merit-based scholarship hosted at the University of Manitoba for international students. Students from any part of the world are welcomed to apply for this scholarship but will have to demonstrate an excellent academic record, and must be applying for a graduate program at the university.

University of Waterloo Master’s Awards of Excellence

International students looking to do a master’s program at the University of Waterloo are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The award will be valued at $2,500 per term for a maximum of five terms.

University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship

This is a scholarship offered to international students who demonstrate leadership qualities on campus or in the institution. It is an entrance scholarship award offered to international students who recently secured admission into the university. The scholarship benefits for the prestigious University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders range from $3,500 – $5,000.

Applicants are required to meet school requirements for admission, and also show good academic and leadership qualities. There is high competition for the scholarships offered in Canada so you have to apply early and ensure you have all the documents ready for your admission. For more pro tips on how to win any scholarship, you can check out this guide.