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How You Can Work in Canada As A Plumber

Apr 5, 2022

Looking to become a plumber in Canada? Plumbers are highly demanded in Canada especially in Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Montreal. The plumbing work is a very unique one, you can work for a company if you want to or you can be your own boss and work independently in Canada.

One thing you must have to work as a plumber in Canada is an official license and certificate to work in Canada. As an immigrant who has already had some experience working as a plumber in your home country, you need to also get a license and a certificate in Canada before you are allowed to work in Canada.

The process and procedure for licensing usually take about 3 months to a year depending on the level of certificate and how fast you can complete the courses and pass the exams. They are also one of the highest paying professions in Canada. You earn over $97,500 every year in salary and the good part is that there are provinces in Canada where you can earn even more.

Because these jobs are highly demanded, you can easily get an invitation to immigrate and get a nomination to become a permanent resident in Canada. If you reside outside Canada, you can get an employer to sponsor you to immigrate to Canada. You can learn how to find a Canadian sponsor here.

How Do You Become a Plumber In Canada?

To Immigrate to Canada as a plumber, you should first ensure you meet both the job requirements and the requirements for a work permit in Canada.

Then you have to create a profile in the express entry program where you can receive points for each requirement you meet. Express entry is one of the most popular programs used to attract more immigrants to Canada. It is a pool that uses a comprehensive ranking system to rank applicants according to their age, Educational qualification work experience, job offer acquired, etc.

Show interest or indicate on your profile the province you’d like to apply to, and ensure you have a job offer from an employer in that province. For most provinces that have a high demand for skilled workers, a job offer may not be required to apply.

After you have applied, you will receive a letter of invitation to apply from IRCC, and from the day you receive such letter you will have approximately 60 days to formally apply to the province you indicated.

You will now need to have your skill assessed and verified which is what is known as Skilled Trade Assessment. You will need to show proof of working experience, plumbing skills, and qualifications. If you received your training outside Canada, it may be different from what is required in Canada, you might be required to go through Canadian plumbing training to receive a license to work.

Your certificate will be given to you once you have sat for the exam and passed the test successfully. You will have to show have learned the techniques involved in plumbing to stand a chance of passing the exam.

If you have undergone all the training, you will write the Res Seal Plumbing Exam and receive a certificate from the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA).