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Boko Haram members release video of now released BoA MD when he was in their captivity, say they released him because he is old

Apr 7, 2022

In the now released video, the terrorists said they released by the BoA boss because he is old and also because this is the Ramadan season. The terrorists said the government knows what they want and should do their bidding otherwise they would turn their kidnap camp into an abbatoir. Over 140 passengers on the train are yet to be accounted for.


Read the translation of their communication below


“We are the ones who abducted these people at the train. We decided to release this man becouse of the honour of the month of Ramadan and he is old. He has been pleading since we abducted him. The government should know that the train attack is just a little of what we can do. We would let this captive about to be released to speak, if he has something to say”


Ali-Hassan was allowed to speak and he said

“I was allowed to go becouse of my age. But I have left several abductees behind. The FG need to look for the leaders of this group to negotiate the release of the other captives..Their situation is bad and the are I dare need of assistance”


The terrorists then spoke saying

“We don’t need your money.. you need to come and speak with us quickly, or we would turn their camp into an abattoir. Killing them is nothing to us”


Watch the video they released below…