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Universities in Canada with The Best Acceptance Rate

Apr 7, 2022

Do you wish to study in Canada? The first step to move to Canada as a student is to first gain admission into any university in Canada. Canada is one of the top destinations for international students and every year thousands of students from around the world submit applications to different Canadian universities to gain admission. As students apply in their thousands, not all will be so lucky to receive the letter of admission.

Although the majority of Canadian universities welcome students from different parts of the world, some have a designated number of international students they can accept, and this can be a telling difference between gaining admission and being rejected.

Because of the number of students that apply each year, the competition and requirements to gain admission may be very high. So, while choosing a school, look for a university that has a good acceptance rating or better still, a university that is more open to international students.

Universities with the Most Acceptance Rate in Canada

University of New Brunswick Estimated Acceptance Rate – 74%
Toronto School of Management Estimated Acceptance Rate- 60%
Wilfrid Laurier University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 55%
Lakehead University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 55%
Ryerson University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 55%
University of Guelph Estimated Acceptance Rate – 50%
Université de Montréal Estimated Acceptance Rate – 50%
Concordia University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 50%
Memorial University of Newfoundland Estimated Acceptance Rate – 50%
University of Saskatchewan Estimated Acceptance Rate – 40%
Carleton University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 40%
University of British Columbia Estimated Acceptance Rate – 35%
University of Waterloo Estimated Acceptance Rate – 35%
McGill University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 35%
Simon Fraser University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 35%
McMaster University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 30%
Dalhousie University Estimated Acceptance Rate – 30%
University of Alberta Estimated Acceptance Rate – 30%
University of Victoria Estimated Acceptance Rate – 30%
Université Laval Estimated Acceptance Rate – 30%

Best Strategy to Secure Admission to a University in Canada as an International Student

The first step you should take to ensure you secure admission to one of Canada’s universities is to have all your documents ready, and meet the requirement to study in Canada. You should also have a clear plan of which courses you want to apply for, the type of university you’d apply to, and what documents or qualification they are looking for in a student.

When you have the courses you wish to study, then it’s time to apply to a university. I would normally advise you to look for schools that are in the provinces you want to reside, but that would be limiting you. So, what you do is to search for schools that offer your course, with the best acceptance rate, cheap and affordable too. Like the table above shows that you stand a more favorable chance with Universities situated in less popular provinces and cities compared to the popular ones.

You need to apply to different schools in other to increase your chances. The major obstacle you may encounter is gathering your documents together. The requirements are usually the same for all the schools with just slight differences, which means you don’t need to worry much about meeting the requirements for different schools.

What is the Next Step after you Receive a Letter of Admission to Study in Canada?

One of the requirements to apply for a student visa to Canada is to first receive and accept a letter of admission from a university in Canada. The letter will be proof to show you have gained admission and that you have paid the necessary fee to the school.

With your admission letter and other documents, you can proceed to an immigration office to apply for your student visa.