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British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Program

Apr 10, 2022

The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration regional pilot program was introduced to create a pathway to permanent residence for investors and business persons who have the interest to invest in the province.

The program will focus on bringing investors to the smaller regions in the province to improve their chances of attracting skilled workers and other immigrants to settle in those regions.

Communities that are eligible to accept these investors are those who have less than 75,000 people living in the community, and the community located at least 30 kilometres from the big and famous cities.

The program is scheduled to run for the next two years, and in this period it will address the problem of labour shortage and business opportunities in these areas.

Some of the movements of some immigrants and natural-born in the smaller communities to the urban areas has also caused some migration imbalance in the province.

Many of the immigrants who come to British Columbia, often prefer to settle in the big cities for a more favourable and developed environment. The big cities promise a better opportunity for jobs but and then the competition is often very tough and the cost of living, accommodation is costly.


  • Candidates who have some experience with managing businesses and the necessary minimum funds requirements to start up a business in Canada.
  • Candidates must a huge amount of money or personal net worth not lower than $300,000. They will also have to invest a minimum of $100,000 to establish a new business or invest in an already existing business in the province, precisely in rural regions of the province.
  • The business must be able to create jobs for Canadians as well as a permanent residence.
  • Entrepreneurs will also be required to reside and manage the business in Alberta and most own more than half of the business net worth.
  • Candidates who eventually settle in the province as successful entrepreneurs will be granted permanent resident status when they apply.
  • An established Entrepreneur in the province will be eligible to sponsor a candidate for the permanent resident but the person must be a staff.
  • Provide a valid business plan

Community Requirements.

  • The community under the Entrepreneur Immigration regional pilot program must not have a population above 75,000 people inhabiting that region.
  • The community must provide a settlement plan for the Entrepreneurs, the plans should help them integrate faster and establish their business easily.
  • The communities must not be less than 30 kilometres from the large or big communities.