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Do You Know You Can Make Money In The U.S. Without Work Permit

Apr 10, 2022

The United States of America is a multi-trillion dollar economy, this is a huge prospect for investors and job seekers alike.

To be able to work in the United States, a legal document (Employment Authorization Document) authorizing you to work must be issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Work without legal authorization in the United States is frowned upon and could attract severe punishments. Employers in the United States usually ask for immigration status or Employment Authorization Documents from applicants before employment could be offered.

Except you are a U.S. citizen Green Card holder then you do not need the authorization to work.

Despite the restrictions, there are certain jobs you can legally undertake that does not require a work permit.

The following category of engagement is not illegal for an immigrant without a work permit to the United States to engage in.

Invest In the Stock Market

You can trade and make legal income online without fear of arrest or deportation, so long as you trade minimally and not exceed four trades per week. Day trading is considered illegal without a work permit.

Note: Except you are an expert on trading, it is advisable to practice on virtual trading before investing your money into real stock trading.

Invest In Business

You can make legal income by investing in a business, so long as you are not actively involved in the day to day running of the business. For instance, if your friend owns a saloon, you can invest in the business and not be directly involved in the running of the business. It is illegal to take shifts without a work permit.

There are lots of business opportunities out there, evaluate your options and invest wisely.

Become An Author

You can write a book and earn from royalties accrued, royalties received from outside the United States is termed as a passive income and not illegal,  you must declare them and every other earnings accrued when you file your tax return. However you can not submit your manuscript to publishers in the U.S. for consideration, but you can always use the services of publishers or agents outside the shores of the United States.

Become a Lender

Lending money with interest is another way you can legally earn without a work permit if you have the required funds. There are lots of entrepreneurs looking for funds to start a business, you can lend money to interested persons and earn from the interest you charge. This venture is entirely legal and risks free.


Since your immigration status restricts you from working legally in the United States, you can upgrade your skills or volunteer for non-paid work just to rake up your work experience. When you eventually succeed in obtaining a work permit, your experiences and new skills acquired would place you in a better position for employment consideration.

Participate in Contest

Earnings from a contest like a lottery or lotto are classified as passive income and it is entirely legal. Winnings on lottery or lotto in the U.S. is taxed, you may want to consider British run contests.

Before entering any competition always check the guidelines to confirm eligibility. Most U.K contests require participants to be U.k permanent residents.