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How To Afford To Pay For Your Studies in Canada

Apr 12, 2022

If you are applying to study in Canada, you should already know that by now it is not cheap to study in Canada and even more expensive when you don’t have a sponsor to help you pay the bills or you don’t qualify for any scholarship.

To study in Canada, you have to worry about paying for your tuition, accommodation, books, feeding, transportation, utility bills, etc. and the list can go a lot longer than this. The short story is that it can be overwhelming to pay all these bills without breaking down or losing concentration.

There smart ways you can afford to pay for all these expenses, pay your tuition, and even have some left to save for yourself.

How to Afford to Pay For Your Studies in Canada

The traditional way to pay for your studies is having your parents or your relative pay for you and then the rest will just be history. However, not many parents can afford the money for Canadian universities, so what is left to do for students who still have the desire to study in Canada?

Tips To Help You Afford Your Studies in Canada

Finding A Sponsor

Honestly, it is difficult to find a stranger who will be willing to sponsor your studies in Canada, let’s face it not everyone has that big heart and there are so many other bright students probably looking for sponsors too.

If you want to find a sponsor to help you pay for your study in Canada, you should probably consider looking at places or people outside your family or community. That is not to say that you can’t find a kinsman who is buoyant enough to help you pay for your studies. Here is how you can find a sponsor to help you pay for your studies.

Find Cheaper Universities

Yes I know Canada is expensive and you are probably thinking that there are no cheap universities right? Well, that is not entirely true. Schools like the University of Toronto offer lots of financial aid and scholarship for international students to help them pay their fees and other costs. Though the fees are not so cheap, the numerous financial aids offered at the school make feel like you are studying for free. If you are looking for a cheap or moderately affordable school in Canada you can start your search here.

Find Student Loans

Student loans are not such a bad idea. You can easily get loans to help you pay for your studies faster in Canada. To repay these loans is also quite easy, you can get a student job and then work as you study to help you clear off debts, or work after graduation and repay the loans. All that matters is that you have the initial money to help you start your studies in Canada. You can find the best student loans here, and also ways you can repay your loans here.

Use Canadian University Bursary

So many universities in Canada offer financial assistance to students in form of bursaries. Students who show economic need when they apply to the university may receive financial assistance if they meet the requirements. Students must first show interest and undergo a need assessment, provide information on their monthly and yearly earnings.