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Top Courses That Boost Your Chances of Getting Canadian PR

Apr 12, 2022

Want to live in Canada after your studies and do not know how? Here is a list of the top courses you should apply for that boosts your chances of getting permanent residency. Consequently, students can capitalize on the different opportunities on completion of their studies. That is to say, once you complete these top courses you increase your chances of securing permanent residency. Canada is described as a very hospitable country that accommodates a large number of international students.

In short, Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for studying abroad (undergraduate and graduate courses). Moreover, schemes like Express Entry makes Canada an attractive destination.  Canda offers quality education and is globally recognized.

Top Courses that boosts your chances for a PR

Computer Science & IT

Computer science and the information technology sector are seeking students to employ. These courses are sought after anywhere in the world, Canada inclusive.  Certainly, after completion of your course, you would be recruited. Jobs including IT software engineers, Project managers are offered on completion.

Business & Finance

Finance plays a vital role in a nation’s economy. Having a degree in finance will make you understand the applications and functions of the financial markets. In addition, Economics is another course that is very important. Economics teaches you to understand the economy especially the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and contribute to monetary policies.

Master of Business Administration

This is described as a top course to study abroad. Consequently, the degree courses are very expensive unless you are attending a program. MBA jobs are listed in the skill shortage occupation list. Hence, Banking, Management Consultants and Investment Finance jobs can benefit.

An MBA degree gives you vast experience in diversified business networks and an overview of the business world. An MBA degree is one of the sought course for five years. That is to say, people have begun to recognize the importance of getting a degree. You can find MBA scholarships to study in Canada here.

Engineering Management & Core Engineering

The number of jobs in the engineering sector has increased over the years. The engineering sector is often found on the central Canada axis (Ontario and Quebec). There is a strong manufacturing presence in this region hence the rapid rise of job opportunities there.

Engineers with skills in AUTOCAD and other engineering related software are sought after. As an Engineering graduate, the annual salary is ranged at $81,700 as against $72,000 last year.

Top Jobs on-demand in the Engineering sector includes;

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical-Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Engineering Management
Medicine, Biosciences, and Healthcare

The importance of health cannot be overemphasized. In other words, as long as there is life this sector will always be available. Most importantly, when pursuing these jobs, only highly skilled and qualified professionals are recommended. This is due to the complexity of the job. Human beings are a very complex species and need someone with a high skill to handle the job.

Media & Journalism

With the growth of digital media, social networking sites, and online marketing, the demand for a skilled professional has risen.  A degree in Media & Journalism enables students to be recruited in Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, and Marketing fields.

Digital careers like Digital marketing and Digital & Interactive Design are taking over the old ones. However, banks and the technology sectors seek digital degree holders for UX/UI design.