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5 Ways You Could Immigrate to Canada in 2022

Apr 14, 2022

The restrictions in traveling globally have led to a great fall of most of the economical sector due to pandemic, there has been a gap in important labor markets in Canada.

This has made Canada’s government come up with this immigration plan in 2022 to provide a balance in the gap created by the pandemic in its economic sector as they aim to continually stay in the energetic and competitive economic world stage.

Immigrants will be welcomed at a 1% ratio of the population of Canada, which is about 411,000 in 2022

It is no new information that there has been a great rise in the increase of Omicron coronavirus, this has intensified Canada’s need for foreign workers if they still want to maintain the economic market.

The pandemic economic recovery can only take place with the aid of skilled workers, and international students. These are just the set of people Canada is looking at as immigrants.

As the pandemic rate increase, so does it bring inadequacies in the labor of the Canadian economic sector. If you’d like to know more about how to immigrate to Canada in 2022, don’t stop reading.

5 Ways You Could Migrate to Canada in 2022

It was reported in December 2021 that 71 percent of small businesses in Canada are faced with labor deficits, to boost this deficit, so many opportunities have been put in place.

Below are the ways you can Immigrate to Canada to boost the pandemic economic recovery.

Canada Provincial Nominee Programs

You can immigrate to Canada through any Provincial Nominee Programs. You wouldn’t be given a permanent residency when you apply through this, Nevertheless, your application can get boosted by being nominated for a Permanent residency in the Express Entry of the Federal government’s system.

How To Apply for a Provincial Nominee Programs.

• Find the right Provincial Nominee Program: Go through every Provincial Nominee Program available in Canada. Browse through the requirements to pick the one you are eligible for.

• Apply: You should apply by sending in your application to the province or territory of your choice.

• Obtain a Certificate: If your application becomes successful, you will be nominated to apply for a Canada permanent residence by the province or territory.

• Submit application: After applying to the Canadian federal government, you need to submit a permanent resident application. It could be online or paper-based.

Submit your application for permanent residence: Apply to the Canadian federal government for permanent residence. If your chosen PNP is aligned with Express Entry, you can do this online. If not, you must submit a paper-based application.

Canada Express Entry

Canada manages applications for three immigration programs; The Federal skilled worker class, skilled trade class, and Canadian Experience class through the Express Entry System.

For those seeking to create a new path for themselves in Canada, Express Entry is one of the easiest and fastest ways.

How To Applly For Express Entry

• Create an account to apply for a visa online,

• Check your application status and application processing times.

Applicants are awarded a Comprehensive Ranking System. here, you do not need a job offer to be picked, but people with Jobs already are awarded more Comprehensive Ranking System score points.

There are 1, 200 score points available which are dependent on various factors, which includes;

• age,

• education,

• skilled work experience,

• Educational background,

• Good English or French-speaking skills.

Applicants with the highest score points will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Canada Study Permit.

Another way to immigrate today is through an international student study permit. A total number of 350, 000 international students are welcomed every year. The following factor makes you eligible to study in Canada;

• You must have been offered admission by any school, college, or educational institution,

• Have the Capacity to pay for your living expenses, tuition fees, etc,

• Have clear criminal records and law-abiding,

• You must be in good health,

• You must be willing to go through a medical examination,

• you must be able to work under different situations while studying, etc

After graduation, you can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit which enables you to work for close to three years after graduation, this, in turn, will boost your Permanent Residence Application.

Your Permanent residence can be gotten in three stages;

• Coming to Canada under a study permit,

• Applying for a Post Graduation Work Permit after,

• Lastly, Application through the Express Entry System.

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

To recover the economic sector, immigrants who are entrepreneurs are needed to establish employment to boost the economy.

If you are an entrepreneur and you have an innovative business idea, you can immigrate to Canada by applying for the Canada Startup Visa Program.

This program grants qualified immigrant entrepreneurs permanent residence because its goal is to get innovative entrepreneurs to Canada and introduce them to Canadian investors to help them start their businesses. Below are the requirements needed for application;

• a great and unique business idea,

• commitment certificate and letter of support from a designed entity,

• Enough funds to cater for settlement funding

• Good English or French speaking skills or Canadian Language.


The following ways are the pathways to becoming a Canadian Immigrants Today. The opening has been made available by the Canadian government to recover the fallen Economy caused by pandemics.

All you can do for yourself or your loved one is to apply if you are not comfortable with your current situation, there might be a path for you.

Do you or your loved ones wish to Immigrate? Or do you need someone who has been contemplating immigrating? Here, is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Look through any of these programs online and apply today.