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Marry this man at your own peril – Nigerian lady alerts the public about her alleged abusive estranged husband who came to her mother’s house to beat her over child custody (video)

Apr 14, 2022

A Nigerian lady has alerted the public about her alleged abusive estranged husband who she claims came to her mother’s house to beat over child custody.


In the video she shared, Rael Gabriel was heard arguing with her estranged husband Dan-mutum Jamilu Gwarzala who insisted that he won’t send money for the child’s welfare.


When asked why he came to see the child a year after their separation, he stated that he can come to see his child anytime.


As the argument lingered, the lady was heard crying for help as he allegedly slapped her continously in her mother’s house where he came to see their child. Rael’s mother then called out to neighbors for help, while also telling Jamilu that he won’t beat her daughter in her house.


Jamilu was however heard saying ”I will beat her”


Sharing the video on Facebook, Rael said anyone marrying Jamilu is doing so at her “peril”. She wrote;


So Jamilu Gwarzala Dan-mutum followed me to my mother’s house today, to come and fight me, he won’t look for his mates to fight o. I won’t keep quiet, let your sister or friend marry this person at her own peril.

Let this be here as evidence.


Ironically, Jamilu’s Facebook bio reads “A thinker and patriot. An advocate for global peace. Author.”


Watch the video in the slide below……………..