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“Only fools believe in kayanmata” Jaruma’s ex-husband says as he and the kayanmata seller drag each other over who served who breakfast (video)

Apr 17, 2022

Jaruma and her ex-husband, Ross Isabor, are calling each other out on Instagram following their break up.


It began when Jaruma reshared a video of her giving Ross a bath back in 2017.


"Only fools believe in kayanmata" Jaruma


Ross then took to Instagram to tell Jaruma that he has served her breakfast since and she should stop deceiving her “gullible” followers.


“Stop using me to sell your fake product,” he added.


"Only fools believe in kayanmata" Jaruma


He then told Jaruma’s aphrodisiac customers that her jazz has never worked and “only fools believe in kayanmata”.


"Only fools believe in kayanmata" Jaruma


Jaruma then went on IG to share a video of her chat with her ex. It shows that she saved his name on her phone as “bastard.19”.


"Only fools believe in kayanmata" Jaruma


She also shared a video she sent to him in WhatsApp to mock him.


In the video, she addressed the claims that she’s losing weight because Ross dumped her. She told Ross that she is the one who dumped him and she’s losing weight because of her weight loss product.

She also claimed that Ross is still begging to have her back.

Watch the video below.