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Osinachi’s mother says the singer’s husband took her cars and left her stranded; advises single women to be careful when selecting partners

Apr 18, 2022

Oriaku Nmadu, the mother of the late gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu, has continued to speak out following her daughter’s death.


Osinachi, 42, died on Friday, April 8, in a hospital in Abuja.


Since her death, many have accused her husband Peter of subjecting her to years of abuse.


While speaking to members of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, Osinachi’s mother, Mrs Nmadu, advised single women to be careful when selecting their spouses.


She said when Peter came for her daughter’s hand in marriage, he presented himself as a pastor from Anambra State.


She noted that shortly after the marriage, Peter shut the doors to Osinachi’s family “and completely possessed her”.


She recounted: “My daughter went through hell in the hands of Peter. My daughter had four children and I could not go for omugwo for any of the children because her husband would not want to see any member of Osinachi’s family.”


She recalled one occasion, after a church service, when Peter abandoned her and his wife and drove home with the children.


She said: “That Sunday after the church service as we were waiting for Peter Nwachukwu, he came out and ordered his children into the car and drove off, leaving me and my daughter behind. I was shocked because it was a well-wisher that gave my daughter that car Peter was driving.


“Instead of Osinachi to complain, she rushed out and got a taxi that drove us home.”


She said there was another car a fan gave Osinachi but her husband took it from her.


She added that every time the couple had a misunderstanding, Peter would abandon his wife and drive off.


The bereaved mother rof the late singer said: “On one occasion, the children inside the car were saying bye-bye to their mother; he never allowed the wife to enjoy the fruit of her labour.”


She continued: “Osinachi believed in the Biblical injunction that marriage is for better and for worse and that was why she endured the marriage thinking that Peter Nwachukwu would change, but unfortunately my daughter died.”


She said Osinachi’s children are now with one of her daughters.