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Moment police catch two toddlers thrown out of burning building by their mum (video)

Apr 20, 2022

Video shows police catching two toddlers who were dropped from a burning building by their mother.


The children, aged two and three, were rescued by officers in Indianapolis before officers caught their mother too.


Bodycam video released by police captured the moment the family were saved after fire broke out in their block of flats on April 11.


In the video, their mum is heard screaming: “Please help me! Help me! Please hurry. I can’t breathe. I have my kids in here.”


It is believed the fire started when a man in his 70s accidentally knocked over a chair which in turn knocked over a candle, causing his apartment to go up in flames.


The Indianapolis Fire Department said it happened at around 3.30am on April 11.


The clip shows a police officer, identified as Officer Carroll, telling the mum: “Ma’am, can you hear me? Ma’am, do you want to try passing them down to me?”


The mum is then seen dropping her children out the window to be caught by Officer Carroll.


After dropping both kids, the mother then jumps out too, to be caught by the officers.


Officer Carroll was assisted by a colleague, identified as Officer Hupp, as the childrens’ mother jumps from the window.


Officer Hupp can be heard telling the children: “You guys are so brave.


“One day, you’re going to get to tell a story about how you jumped out a two-story window.


“You and your badass mom, out here jumping out a window… you’re like Spiderman!”


It took around 40 minutes to bring the flames under control.


Watch the video below.