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Twitter board meet Elon Musk to discuss his $43b takeover bid

Apr 25, 2022

Elon Musk $43 billion takeover of Twitter is likely to happen after the board met with him to discuss his offer.

Some stakeholders of the social media company are said to be interested in the deal.

Photo: Reuters

After Musk first revealed his bid, Twitter’s management announced a “poison pill” strategy to push off a potential hostile buyout.

A takeover bid is considered to be hostile when a person or business tries to take over another company against the wishes of the target firm’s management hence a ‘poison pill’ is adopted.

The move stops anyone from having more than a 15% stake in the company by allowing others to buy additional shares in the firm at a discount.

Musk, who owns a more than 9% stake in Twitter, has lined up a $46.5bn financing package for his bid, according to a regulatory filing.

Musk says he plans to finance his bid with his personal money and also the backing of US lender Morgan Stanley and other financial institutions.

And details of how Musk was planning to secure his funding made Twitter’s 11-member board seriously consider a possible deal, according to Reuters, the New York Times and Bloomberg reports on Sunday night, April 24.

The reports add that after Musk’s disclosure of his plans for the social media platform, a number of Twitter shareholders reportedly contacted the company’s board and urged it not to miss the opportunity for a potential deal.