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Yul Edochie: Don’t waste your energy on celebrities’ marriage issues. Buhari is still your president – Nigerian Catholic priest says

Apr 28, 2022

Yul Edochie: Don


Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr Kelvin Ugwu has advised people to not waste their energy analysing marital issues of celebrities.


Taking to Facebook, he wrote;

“They have brought to the internet another marriage issue for all of us to start analysing and tearing shirts. That was how we went on to chuk mouth ontop the marriage of Annie and Tuface, Anita and Paul Okoye, Reginal Daniels and Ned Nwoko, Ibiere and Julius Agwu. . .and today, we are looking like one small id!ots.”

“We still did not learn lessons, we still feel we should chuk mouth ontop Yul and May Edochie’s marriage. At the end of all your analysis, always remember that it is only what they enabled you to know that you will know. Biko, just go and rest or sleep! If you care sincerely, say prayers for them and pray also for yourself. No waste your energy. Buhari is still your president. . . Focus!!!”


Yul Edochie: Don