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Lady calls out her father’s second wife after she came online to support Yul Edochie for taking a second wife

May 5, 2022


Lady calls out her father

A Nigerian lady who goes by the name, Kelechi Moon, on Facebook, has called out her father’s second wife over her Facebook post supporting Yul Edochie’s decision to take a second wife.


Kelechi in her post alleged that her father’s second wife who she identified as Chioma Okechukwueze, came into her family and destroyed her parents’ 35 years of marriage.

She stated that Chioma is supporting Yul because she is a second wife.

Lady calls out her father


Responding to people criticizing her for calling out her father’s second wife, Chioma wrote

”Concerning this post!!!

If you aren’t a victim of polygamy home you won’t understand my pains.

If you haven’t been denied Father love and care you won’t understand my pains.

If you haven’t sat and watch what your mom work for good 35yrs been taken away from her and leaving her heartbroken you won’t understand my pains.

I’m not against my father marrying a second wife but chasing my mom away, making my father to turn his back against us is what I’m f!ghting for. My father was a good and loving father before getting married to her. If my father wasn’t a good father before getting married to her I won’t attack her but my father changed immediately she came into our home, she is in control of everything including our home.

I saw a lot of comments saying this isn’t a thing of social media but we have tried to settle this for the past 7yrs as family settlement isn’t working, she refused peaceful settlement. A lot of people said I should leave this battle for my mom but i can’t because after knowing what I and my siblings with my mother passed through in the hands of my father and Chioma it breaks us all the time .

I and my siblings need father’s love.

Is it too hard to fight for father’s love and care?

my mom is very much alive for those asking if my mom is still alive and still married to my father .



Watch the video she shared calling out her the lady below…


 Lady calls out her fatherLady calls out her father