Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s ex, Opeyemi Falegan, publicly apologizes to her (video)


Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday


Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s ex, Opeyemi Falegan, has tendered a public apology to her. His apology comes a few weeks after they dragged each other on social media after their breakup.


In their hot exchange online, the once celebrated couple smeared each other’s names as they made accusations and counter-accusations against themselves.


In an interview with OAP, DaddyFreeze, Opeyemi asked the actress to forgive him for their public breakup. He admitted that he ”messed up” in some ways and stated that he ”had to move on”.


He asked her for forgiveness and even said he doesn’t mind kneeling down to apologize to her.


Nkechi is yet to react to this development.


Watch the video of Falegan apologizing below…



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