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Kate Henshaw’s cleaner rejected by hospital after she was stabbed on her way to work

May 18, 2022

Kate Henshaw


Kate Henshaw’s cleaner was stabbed this morning while on her way to work.


The actress took to Twitter to narrate the sad news.


She said the cleaner was rushed to a nearby hospital but the hospital staff allegedly rejected her, saying they don’t accept patients with knife wounds.


Kate was at the gym when this happened and only got the news when she got home.


Narrating the incident on Twitter, the actress wrote: “My cleaner was stabbed this morning at 6am on her way to work on Idowu Martins next to Mega Plaza..


“She managed to get to a clinic nearby and was sent away that they do not treat knife wounds!!


“She is now receiving treatment at another hospital.


“No one is safe!! No one.”


Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw