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UAE Sugar Mummy In Abu Dhabi Is Interested In You – Click Here To Meet Her

May 21, 2022

A Charming 44 Years old sugar mummy who lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Dubai is Looking for a Man for a long-term relationship.

UAE Sugar Mummy In Abu Dhabi Is Interested In You
UAE Sugar Mummy In Abu Dhabi Is Interested In You

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This beautiful UAE sugar mummy is single but has children from her previous relationship. She hates smoking but drinks socially.

Here is how this beautiful sugar momma described herself and her Ideal man. If you meet her standard you are free to apply. Please note that she needs a man that can satisfy her with love and in turn she lavish you with money.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a bohemian spirit and gypsy soul. I don’t worship materialism and I’m happy to have the luxury of enough free time to do what I love. Music and art is my passion and I like to travel and getting inspired.

I love deep and meaningful conversations and meeting open minded intruiging people just like having a good laugh. I’m trying to be a selfreflected person willing to learn and grow.

I am looking for
My ideal man. Such question is difficult for me. I’m too old to have a clear portrait of my perfect man. Of course, when I was a young girl, I dreamed to meet my super hero- handsome, strong, smart, brave, kind, romantic, cheerful, confident and blah blah blah.

But now just some kinds enough for me – just be sincere, honest and care for me! And, maybe, to love coffee a little bit, because I can’t imagine my morning without a cup of aroma strong coffee. A lover and friend in one. It’s not about perfection but vibes, chemistry and commitment

Being able to think outside the box, truthful, honest, with a good sense of humour but also knowing when to take things serious.

Substance and depth are essential for me to have a deep connection and that is defenitely what I want. Spending time together (not 24/7) and letting feelings grow naturally….the rest will just fall in place with the right person ?

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