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“I’ve noticed a difference in the way people treat me”- 21-year-old girl shares her weight loss journey after shedding 89Lbs in one year (photos)

Jun 22, 2022

A TikTok user has stunned her followers after sharing her impressive 89lbs weight loss in just one year. 


Allie Tarvin, 21, a student from Alabama, USa had struggled her entire life with losing weight; saying her class peers used to comment on her weight.




She started experiencing fatigue, a lack of self-confidence and recalls hating the way she looked, where she began to feel embarrassed about her body, and weighed 217lbs at her heaviest. She also revealed she ate fast food everyday.



She decided to completely overhaul her lifestyle last year by changing her diet and adopting a healthy workout regime.


Now, one year later, she has lost 89lbs, weighing 128lbs and the transformation has had an incredible impact on her life. She says people are nicer to her now and she has grown in confidence.



‘I feel so happy and proud of my body now – I feel like a new person,’ Allie, who shares her transformation on Instagram (@alliemae.fit), said.

‘Every aspect of my body feels healthier, as well as being confident and strong.


‘For years, I have done diets where I would restrict myself and this made me give up faster.


‘I would lose a few pounds here and there, but eventually gained it all back, plus some more.

‘[These methods] made me feel very sick and made changes to my taste buds, as well as my sense of smell and period cycle.


‘I also tried intermittent fasting, which caused me to binge eat instead.

‘I’ve always been very insecure about my body image and I always felt like I was overweight, where I never felt happy in my body.

‘I was tired of feeling unhealthy all the time and my weight was affecting my mental health.




‘After hitting nearly 224lbs on the scales, I felt very ashamed and I told myself there and then I was going to put in the work no matter how long it took or how hard it would be.’

She says at her heaviest she ate a big breakfast combo from McDonald’s and a sweet tea for breakfast, fried chicken and fries or tacos for lunch, and for dinner she would eat out most nights.


She also used to snack on milkshakes, crisps and any fried leftovers from the night before.

Now, she eats eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches for lunch and steak with a salad for dinner.

Alongside her diet changes, she also started exercising and now goes to the gym six times a week.


She said: ‘Before my weight loss, exercise was minimal and I laid in bed most days, only going to the gym up to two days a week.


‘I would do mostly cardio with no plan, but soon I grew to love the gym, as well as fitness.

‘I started to be more active in and out of the gym, where during my peak weight loss, I followed a workout plan for five days of the week.


‘On Monday, I do a full-body day, followed by biceps and triceps on Tuesday, with a focus on legs on Wednesdays.

‘I focus on my back and chest on Thursdays, have a full cardio day on Friday and then rest for the weekend.


‘As far as my social life, people have become more accepting. I have noticed a difference in the way people treat me – most people are more friendly or inviting.’



In a bid to inspire others, she decided to upload her transformation on TikTok and the video has gotten 7.8 million views and 1.1 million likes.


In the clip, she shows her previous body while taking off a waist trainer, before revealing her body now.