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Comedian Josh2Funny addresses his baby boy who ‘prevented’ him and his wife from having sex with his incessant crying

Jul 6, 2022

Must everything be online? Just wait until the kid is 10 years old and his classmates start digging and taunting him with this same post and asking him if he has allowed his parents to start fucking. Kids can be merciless in that regard. To all of you publishing your sex lives plus breast and nyash all over the internet, YOU WILL VERY SOON GROW TOO OLD FOR THAT KIND OF SHIT abi you think you will be 21 forever? Some of you are even already 38 and still parading vulgarity and nakedness on internet like teens– try explaining those statements, images and videos away to your kids when they enter secondary school and their friends start to ridicule them and even jizz (cum) all over your naked pictures that they print from home– in the presence of your child. Happened to one girl in my kid’s school. Her mom was a popular internet sensation in the early 2010s with breast exposure problem and Nkechi Blessing-type vulgarity back then. Any small thing it is how she slept with this and that ba k then. Now she is trying to clean up her act but her naked photos and crass, vulgar statements are everywhere on the internet. The poor girl’s male classmates tease her mercilessly for it. Plus she developed really early. 11 years and already with c-cup bra so they always compare her to her mother. My daughter says she is always talking about how she hates her mom now.

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haba, all these long epistles on top of this same video? nawa oo, ur problem is bigger than you think. Beau Harry didn’t cause it

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