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Wynonna Judd upset about being left out of her famous mother Naomi Judd’s will and she plans to contest the $25M will

Aug 3, 2022

Wynonna Judd is “upset” at being excluded from her mother’s will as she “believes she was a major force behind her Naomi’s success” and she is planning to contest it.


Naomi Judd, who formed the singing group The Judds with her daughter Wynonna Judd, left her two daughters Wynonna and Ashley Judd out of her will in a baffling move.


The five-time Grammy winner, who committed suicide in April 2022, left everything to her husband Larry Strickland. Both daughters Wynonna, 58, and Ashley, 54, did not feature in the will and did not get any part of her estate.


Naomi made Strickland, her husband of 33 years, the executor of her estate in a move that was said to “baffle” Wynonna.


The Grammy award-winning country star’s decision has reportedly sparked another bitter battle between Ashley and Wynonna who had a very public falling out since 2012 when Wynonna did not invite Naomi or Ashley to her wedding to country music legend Cactus Moser.


Wynonna Judd upset about being left out of her famous mother Naomi Judd

Naomi and Wynonna Judd of The Judds


Popular actress Ashley is reportedly siding with her late mother and Larry Strickland, while Wynonna believes that they “conspired” against her, according to Radar.


A family friend claimed that Ashley believed her mother “knew what she was doing” by not giving her sister a lump sum.


They added: “Wynonna has had money problems throughout her adult life.


“She’s blown through every dollar she made with The Judds. She even checked into a treatment facility in 2004 for a ‘money disorder!'”


One source said that “Wynonna was banking on getting a piece of the pie” because of her singing partnership with Naomi as The Judds.


She “believes she was a major force behind her mother’s success.”


Wynonna Judd is now planning to formally contest her late mother’s will which left her entire $25million fortune to her husband.


Naomi Judd shot herself dead in an upstairs room of her Tennessee farmhouse on April 30 after a longtime battle with her mental health.


She prepared her will in November 2017, nearly five years before she died, and was of “sound mind and disposing memory” when she approved the document.