• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022


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Lagos Police command invites officer for questioning after he was caught on camera demanding for someone’s phone

Aug 4, 2022

The Lagos Police command spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, says an officer who was caught on camera demanding a Nigerian man to open his phone for a search has been invited for questioning.


The video showed the officer in a confrontation with a Nigerian man who refused to open his phone for the officer. The Nigerian man insisted that the Inspector General of Police has said that no officer has a right to search phones. The officer felt slighted by the Nigerian man’s refusal and an argument ensued between them.


A Twitter user who shared the video wrote

”Is there anything new under the sun? My friend was harassed by the police today while he was on his way for a photo shoot.”


Reacting to the video, Hundeyin wrote;

” These ‘isolenu’ officer, serving in Dolphin Division, has been identified (excuse my code-mixing). He is reporting at the Headquarters tomorrow. I’ll provide updates.”