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Twitter user narrates the ordeal two lesbians went through in the hands of their mutual lover

Aug 26, 2022

A Twitter user has narrated the ordeal two lesbians went through in the hands of their mutual lover. 


@MokejiB who shared the story in reaction to a Twitter user saying that she is sorry for the pool of men Nigerian women have to choose from, disclosed that the lady who she described as “the husband”, brought in her two lesbian lovers to live with her and subjected them to physical abuses and was also cheating on them.


She wrote; 


I would have said dating women is better if I have not witnessed a messy lesbian relationship. This babe was dating two girls, both girls didn’t even like each other but she didn’t care. She put both of them in the same house. She made them tattoo her name on their bodies.

She used to beat one steady. After beating her, she would make that one apologize calling her “my lord”. The second one thought she was special until she collected her own beating too. She beat her blue black. Another news? She was cheating on both of them with several others.

The day one of the babes said she wanted to go home, that was the day she chop her own beating. Started with a slap. The “husband” is very strong eh. She almost drilled a hole on her room door with her fist. How person wan take fight that one