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Convict handed 30-year jail term for sodomising man

Aug 27, 2022

A convict identified as Kisilu Muindi has been handed a 30-year jail sentence by a Nairobi court after being found guilty of sodomizing another man.


The court heard that Muindi assaulted his victim after he invaded a kiosk at Kabiria in Dagoretti, Nairobi, where he (the victim) was resting on July 8, 2021.


Before carrying out the act, Muindi cut the victim’s leg with a cutlass, tied his hands with a piece of cloth and raped him.


The victim named PQ (Not his real name) testified that he was threatened by his perpetrator moments after he committed the distasteful act.


He said; 


“He told me to cooperate after cutting my leg inflicting me with serious injuries. After that, he told me that he was going to kill me if I refused to do as he requested.

“He raped me from behind and left me bleeding. He issued me with threats by saying that he was in a position to call the mob to kill me if I cried out for help.” 


PQ was rescued by a good samaritan who bumped into him at the scene of crime. The accused however denied the allegations defending that he did not commit the offence.


Ruling on the case, Justice Maroro affirmed that the evidence produced by the victim prove that the accused had committed the offence.


Maroro said; 


“Having considered both the defence and the accused person’s mitigation, I sentence him to 30 years in jail for the offence committed and he has 14 days to appeal if he wishes to do so.”