• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022


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"This is your sign to not get your lips dissolved" Woman warns as severe reaction to filler dissolvent causes her lips to balloon

Aug 30, 2022

A woman who tried to reverse her lip fillers and return to her natural look ended up suffering severe reaction to the lip filler dissolvent and this caused her lips to balloon in size.


Karli Gardner said she did a patch test and the results came back as normal ahead of her appointment, so she went on to have the entire procedure done.


However, she suffered a terrible allergic reaction that caused her lips to balloon in size.



Sharing her experience TikTok, Karli explained that she chose to go ahead with the procedure as she wasn’t happy with the way her lips looked after filler.


She captioned the post: “Baiting my self out here, I did have a patch test and was fine, but I was still allergic.”



She added: “This is your sign to not get your lips dissolved.”



In tears, Karli explained that she “didn’t like the shape” of her lip filler which is why she chose to get it dissolved, but that only made matters worse.