• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022


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"70% of Peter Obi supporters are Zombidients and Obidiots" Victoria Inyama says many don’t have a "clue" why they are supporting Obi

Sep 1, 2022

Victoria Inyama has classified “70%” of Peter Obi’s supporters as “Zombidients” and “Obidiots”.


Supporters of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate are referred to as “Obidients”, coined from the surname of the candidate.


In an Instagram post, media personality Daddy Freeze categorized Obi’s supprters into 3: Obidients, Zombidients, and Obidiots.


Freeze said the Zombidients are just clueless supporters while the Obidiots are “louts and touts”.


Inyama responded to Freeze’s post. According to her, the majority of Peter Obi’s supporters are either clueless as to why they are supporting him or are louts.


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