• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022


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Man allegedly masturbates at Vegas Magic Show (video)

Sep 6, 2022

A man has been caught in a CCTV footage stealing a magician’s costume in the dressing room of a comedy club, and masturbating with it backstage while no one was around. 


In the video obtained by TMZ, the man appears to walk right into the dressing room of the Laugh Factory in Vegas, inside the Tropicana.


Man allegedly masturbates at Vegas Magic Show (video)


One performer lounging on the couch seems to notice the man walk right toward the wardrobe rack, but didn’t seem to think much of it.


According to a police report, the man swiped a pair of pants, a T-shirt, and a hat from the show’s headline act, Murray The Magician.


Man allegedly masturbates at Vegas Magic Show (video)


Murray was told the suspect showed up again a few days later with someone else, seemingly scoping out the area.


After leaving, the same person who stole Murray’s costume returned alone, sat on the dressing room couch, and appeared to masturbate under his clothes.


Murray stated no one at the comedy club recognized the individual, but they have been told to be on the lookout if he returns for an encore.