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Can Sex Toys Replace The Human Touch?

Sep 7, 2022


The use of sex toys has become a “thing” in our society today. While some people see  it as an alternative to men, some others see it as an added pleasure, hence they use  them with their partners. 

The world of sex toys has been inviting and inclusive, offering new possibilities for  women to explore their sexualities. 

Although there are jokes that compare sex toys to boyfriends; there is concern that  women may grow so dependent on sexual devices. 

The notion that using vibrating sex objects permanently desensitizes the user or makes  it unable for them to experience orgasm in any other way continues to circulate.  Fortunately, there is no actual evidence to back up these worries. 


Can Sex Toys Replace The Human Touch?


However, the use of sex toys can assist to alleviate conditions like multiple sclerosis,  poor libido, and a lack of pleasure. It is important to note that the power of sex toys is  about rediscovering what pleasure means and feels like to you alone. 

There is a video on YouTube about sex toys and sexual satisfaction; this video is one  of many episodes in the series of the Cabal Talk Show produced by Kreglex Production and directed by Oluwatosin Alex Ayilara.

One of the guests on the talk show said “God created Adam and Eve, not Eve and  the Machine; I can only use sex toy as a stimulant but it can never replace the  sweetness in penetration” You should see that video.


Can Sex Toys Replace The Human Touch?


They also discuss topics on toxic love, sexual satisfaction, hygiene, relationships, and  real-life issues on their Cabal Talk Show (LadiesCabal & MenCabal). Visit https:// youtu.be/tHlib_HooN8 to see this video on sex toys. Remember to subscribe, like, and  share. Also follow them on IG, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok @cabaltalkshow