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HeadiesAward: I wonder who’s comparing a Bsc holder who almost made first-class with someone who can’t locate his KG3 result – Singer Goya Menor hits back at Portable

Sep 7, 2022

Goya Menor, who emerged as the winner of  Best Street Hop Artist, at the 15th Headies Award has hit back at Portable for berating him for winning the award over the weekend. 

Portable was nominated in the same category as Menor, but he was disqualified from the ceremony over a threat he made to kill co-nominees in those categories and controversial claims he formed ‘One Million Boys.’


The controversial singer later apologised for the threat and quickly retracted his statement, claiming that the One Million Boys he referred to in the viral video are his fans and not any cult group.

After Goya Menor won the award, Portable went live on Instagram to angrily lash out at the him for winning the “Best Street Hip Hop” award. 


On Wednesday, September 7, the ‘Ameno Amapiano’ singer took to his Instagram story to reply to the comments made by Portable. 

According to the Menor, he cannot compare himself, who is a degree holder to someone who cannot locate their kindergarten results. He concluded by saying he has class as the ‘Street Hop holder.’


 HeadiesAward: I wonder who