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I returned my certificate because it has not been useful to me. I want a refund – LAUTECH graudate who visited the school to return his certificate speaks

Sep 8, 2022

Oludare Alaba, the graduate of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology LAUTECH who recently stormed the school to return his certificate and asked for a refund for all the school fees he paid, has spoken up.


In an interview he granted, Alaba said;


”I graduated from the department of Agricultural extension and rural development. What prompted me to return the certificate is that since I collected it, it has not been useful to me. 

I have been struggling with life and the only opportunity I have seen is for me to do blood money and I said I cannot do blood money because I want to be useful to Nigeria, my family and myself and God my creator. 

I told my father to help me get some money. I am an entertainer. I even won an award during my NYSC days in 2016. My father said he cannot help me go and borrow money again because he borrowed some money to send me to school and he is yet to pay back and that he is supposed to be reaping the benefits from me now.

The day he said it to me I cried. When I got tired, I just decided to return the certificate to them since it is not useful to me and then they should give me my money.

If I spend my money on my talent, I know I will be properous” he said


Watch the video below…