• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022


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Rapper YNW Melly denied emergency pass for an abscessed tooth under grill

Sep 12, 2022

Rapper YNW Melly has been denied an emergency pass for an abscessed tooth under grill. 


The “Murder on my Mind” rapper who is currently being held at Broward County jail and awaiting trial for double murder, had claimed he has a serious toothache that requires a dental visit.


Documents obtained by TMZ revealed that Melly wasn’t able to convince the judge, who rejected his motion on August 30.


Melly’s full set of diamond dental crowns require constant upkeep, but he claims he wasn’t allowed to possess a simple toothbrush, dental floss or get regular dental visits while locked up.


As a result, he says he developed a painful abscess in his lower jaw that is the source of his chronic infection.


He also pointed out that his private insurance and lawyer even argued they were willing to foot the cost of the treatments; which would include his own transportation and independent security, but the judge still struck out the application.