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Never marry a man whose mother or sisters do not love you – Former singer turned clergyman, Soul E advises ladies (video)

Sep 13, 2022

Former singer turned clergyman, Apost-Okose Emmanuel who was popularly known as Soul-E, has advised women against marrying into families where the man’s mother or sisters do not like them.


In a video posted online, Soul E stated that when the mother and sister of a man loves his partner, the relationship or marriage stands a better chance of lasting long.

”The worst mistake most women do is that they get involved with partners who the partner’s family, the mother in-law or sister in-law does not like you. You will keep facing battles, you will keep facing witchcraft. 90% of barreness in marriages today are sponsored by hatred from mother in-laws and sister in-laws.”he said


Watch the video below…