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"Her and the children beat me up to near death" Ex-husband of Amara Blessing Nwosu details what he went through in his marriage

Sep 15, 2022

Francis Van-Lare has detailed what he went through in his previous marriage.


He shared his story to caution those who take advice from people when choosing a life partner.


Francis narrated how he was in love with a young single law undergraduate but everyone advised him to marry a single mother in her 40s because younger women may not be the best choice.


He said the advisers told him an older single mother and her children will be there for him in old age after he helps her raise her kids.


He revealed the young woman he was in love with was also advised to marry a younger man she can grow old with.


He said that he took the advice of people and married a single mother with 4 children.


He explained that problems started immediately after the wedding when his new wife went against their agreement and began spreading news of their marriage online, despite promising not to until a few issues had been resolved.


Francis went on to disclose that two years after their wedding, the single mother and her children, ended up beating him up to “near death”. He added that they had an “award winning divorce.”


The young woman who was advised to marry a younger man also married after graduating from law school but her marriage ended in divorce.


Francis said he is sharing his story to let people know that “who you marry is not by age but by understanding and commitment.”


Though he did not mention the name of his ex-wife, the time frame he gave in his story correlates with the period he married and divorced relationship expert, Amara Blessing Nwosu.


Francis and Amara got married in 2014 and separated in 2017, after being married for two years and some months.


Francis Van-Lare has been married 5 times and all ended in divorce (read here).


Read his story below.