• Sat. Oct 1st, 2022


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"We are no longer together" Solomon Buchi claims he and his fiancée have split after he went viral for saying she’s not the most beautiful nor intelligent

Sep 17, 2022

Solomon Buchi is claiming that his relationship to Arike Adeola has ended.


The social media influencer went viral when he said his fiancée is neither the most beautiful nor most intelligent woman but he’s choosing her.


He returned to Twitter hours ago to reveal he’s suffering a heartbreak. When asked if it means Arike has left him, he answered in the affirmative.


“Now that you’ve asked, we are no longer together,” he wrote.



The revelation made him to start trending again on Twitter and Facebook. 



However, many believe he’s just chasing clout. A look at Arike’s IG shows that she still has his pictures up and her engagement picture with her ring on display remains pinned on Instagram.