• Sat. Oct 1st, 2022


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Young widow shares her sad experience with her late husband’s family after his death (video)

Sep 19, 2022

A young widow has narrated all she’s been going through since her husband died.


The TikTok user who shared a montage of her and her husband on the platform, revealed that she was accused of killing her husband and also called a “thief’ for saying he’s not as rich as his family members felt. 


@kleivmaris.1 also disclosed that she got into a fight with those her husband trusted the most, a month after his death, and she and her kids were chased out of his house for refusing to engage in a “diabolic plan”. 


She also revealed that her late husband’s properties were taken away and those behind the takeover, told her to go and marry as they only know her children and not her. She further disclosed that they said they’ll hold on to the properties till her children grow and come for it. 


The TikTok user added that she and her children were shut out of her husband’s grave and told never to come near it again as they are allegedly disturbing his spirit. 


She also revealed that after she tried returning her bride price following the issues that came up after her husband’s death, her father-in-law told her to give the money to her late husband’s spirit. 


She concluded by saying that she had to relocate with her two children to start life all over, and they doing fine and happy by themselves. 


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