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Nigerian Aunty advices women dating well-endowed men (video)

Sep 20, 2022

A Nigerian Aunty has dished out an advice to women dating well-endowed men. 


The TikTok user in her video addressed to women visiting men who they’ve been talking to for some time, said they should tell the men they have to leave immediately or risk having a medical emergency once they notice the person is well-endowed.


She further stated that after they must have left, they should call the man and tell him they can only “let him lay his British pipeline” in them if he marries them.


The TikTok user also claimed that women who fail to do this and go with the flow, will have the man spoil things for them as they won’t be satisfied with other men who are less-endowed. She added that actions of men with lesser tools will amount to that of a toothpick with less effect.

The Nigerian aunty also said women should consider what would become of their future husbands who may not be well-endowed, and may also resort to piling on complaints/reservations.


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