• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022


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"It was a trap they gave me a beating" Man who received email from the thief that stole his laptop, gives update after he met up with the thief to buy his laptop back

Nov 1, 2022

A man who shared the mail he received from a robber who took his laptop has revealed that he tried meeting up with the thief to buy his laptop back but it was a trap.


Over the weekend, a Twitter user from South Africa shared the mail he received from a “considerate” thief who stole his laptop.



The thief sent him an attachment of the project he was working on and told him to reach out if he needs any other documents from the computer before it is sold.


After he shared the mail from the thief, Twitter users advised him to reach out to the thief and buy the laptop back, since the thief is considerate and just wants money.


He then sent a message to his email which the thief used to reach him. They agreed to meet for him to buy back the laptop.



However, he returned to Twitter to reveal that it was all a trap and the thief robbed him even further.


He shared a photo of his face, with red marks around his eyes, then he claimed that the thief attacked him when they met and collected his phone and money.


He added that he will never take advice from strangers on the internet again.