• Mon. Nov 28th, 2022


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Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan says 4 people planned to kill him, claims to have video proof

Nov 4, 2022

Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister, Imran Khan has said he’s aware of a plot to kill him after he was hit by four bullets in his right leg during the assassination attempt on Thursday, November 3. 


In his first live address from a hospital in Lahore, where he has been receiving medical treatment, the former Pakistan cricket captain said four people plotted to kill him behind closed doors and threatened to share a video if something happens to him.


“I’ll come to the details about the attack later. I got to know the day before that either in Wazirabad of Gujrat, they planned to kill me,” Khan said as he commenced his speech that was broadcast on PTI’s official YouTube channel.


Khan said two shooters had tried to kill him during the protest march he was leading to the capital Islamabad. They killed one person and injured 11 others in the attack.


“Four people had made the plan to kill me,” Khan said.


“They had plotted to assassinate me on pretext of false blasphemy charges. I knew who was doing it. I had made a video and if anything had happened to me I would release the video,” he added.


The PTI chairman implored the Pakistan army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, to take action against “black sheeps” in the forces to raise the army’s morale.


At the end of this speech, Khan said that he will resume his march on Islamabad to press for early elections and the resignation of the ruling coalition party soon after he rovers from the bullet would.