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Woman stopped by airport security with butt plug containing boyfriend’s ashes up her bum

Nov 10, 2022

A woman was stopped by airport security when she arrived with a butt plug containing her late boyfriend’s ashes up her bum.


Sarah Button, 23, has gone viral on TikTok after she explained that she had the butt plug with the ashes of her recently deceased partner up her butt as it was “his favourite place”.


The law student said the butt plug was a gift from her late boyfriend so she had worn the sex toy through customs as a way of travelling with her beloved.


Woman stopped by airport security with butt plug containing boyfriend


Despite explaining to airport security what exactly she was carrying, officers did not take too kindly to the “vulgarity I was using to explain” the sex toy.


After what turned into a “long day” at the airport, the law student said she was “very ignorant” and “didn’t realise explaining a plug would violate the person that asked about it.”


Woman stopped by airport security with butt plug containing boyfriend


She said wearing the butt plug inside her bum was “initially a joke because he’d spend so much time in there and it was his favourite place”.


Following his death, she said it has grown into a way of bonding with her late boyfriend.


She said travelling with it is now a way of taking him “places we only ever dreamed of going.”


Button said: “We lost touch for a little while and during that time he passed and unbeknownst to me, he knew he was passing and had it in a box and I received it at his funeral.


“Honestly it is the funniest thing he’s ever done, I’ll spend my whole life laughing about it, which really beats crying.


“It’s more of like delivering a punchline he’s set up from the grave, which is so dark but so funny.


“I also like that I can take him with me to places we only ever dreamed of going. We’re going to see Bring Me The Horizon in December!


“My life has changed a lot and I wish he was here to see it but I’m glad I get to take him with me to places like the Great Barrier Reef and concerts of bands he loved.”