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"Primaries get messy and raw, he will have opportunities in the future – Trump’s daughter in-law Lara Trump warns Ron DeSantis not to run against him in 2024

Nov 14, 2022

Lara Trump has warned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis not to run against her father-in-law, f Donald Trump, in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. 

‘I think he’s a smart enough guy to know that it would be great to have all of the support of all of this party, of the “America First,” MAGA movement, whatever you want to call it, fully behind him in 2028, then possibly fracturing it in 2024,’ Trump said on Sky News Australia. ‘I can tell you those primaries get very messy and very raw.’ 


Former US President Donald Trump hasn’t indicated if he plans to throw his hat into the 2024 ring. 


DeSantis beat Democrat Charlie Crist by 19 points in their election last week, easily earning himself a second term, while other Republican candidates struggled.


DeSantis would reportedly wait until May or June of next year before announcing a presidential run and Lara Trump guessed that ‘he’s probably waiting to see what my father-in-law does.’  

‘I think that Ron DeSantis is very smart. He’s a young guy. There will be a lot of opportunity for him in the future, and he knows this, to run for president,’ she said.  

‘So wouldn’t it be nicer for him – and I think he knows this – to wait until 2028?’ she argued. 

Fingers were pointed at Trump in the aftermath of last week’s midterm races, with Democrats holding onto their Senate majority and Republicans looking barely edging towards a House majority. 

Lara Trump said she believed Republicans would support her father-in-law again, just as they did when he won the GOP primary in 2016. 

‘I think the party would be behind him, and I think they know the American people by and large are behind him,’ she said. ‘I think we’re poised for something very big and very exciting,’ she added.