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Suspected female kidnapper apprehended in Ogun state

Nov 17, 2022

A suspected female kidnapper was apprehended in Akute, Ondo state on Thursday November 17.


Facebook user, Gallas Kolawole Oluwaseyi, who shared the video online, said the lady pretended to be a beggar. She got into an apartment and was allegedly about to abduct one of the children in the compound when she was apprehended.

”So this kidnapper was caught this very moment in akute.

She went into a compound full of children in the pretence of begging for money and was caught carrying a child

She has mentioned different places where she stays and we’re yet to accertain where she truly stays.

May God protect us as the year runs to an end….street ain’t smiling”


Suspected female kidnapper apprehended in Ogun state


Watch the videos of the woman being interrogated below