• Sun. Nov 27th, 2022


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"This is stalking" Korra Obidi says as her estranged husband, Justin Dean, calls the police on her in relation to their daughter’s welfare (video)

Nov 17, 2022

Korra Obidi shared a video of a police officer at her home after her estranged husband Justin Dean told them their youngest daughter, Athena, fell down while in her care.


She’d revealed previously that Justin is asking her to pay spousal support to him and had called on the judge to take her children from her.


Now, she’s shared a video of a police officer at her home to check on her youngest child Athena “for injuries”.


Korra told the officer in the video that Justin “lied about her (Athena) falling down”.


She added that she gave Athena to Justin in perfect condition.


“At this point, this is stalking,” Korra wrote as she shared the video.


Followers have taken to the comments to say they “stand with Korra”.


They are also calling on Justin to stop harassing her or trying to make her look like a bad mother who is unfit to care for their children.



Watch the video below.