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"Find Jesus and leave me alone" Hanks Anuku breaks silence after a troubling video of him went viral

Nov 18, 2022

Actor, Hanks Anuku has hit out at those writing opinion pieces about the state of his mental health.


A troubling video said to be of the actor roaming the streets went viral as fans expressed concern about his mental health.


However, his colleague Shan George released a photo of her and Hanks on set and insisted nothing is wrong with him.


Despite Shan’s post, some of her colleagues insisted he is not OK and accused her of trying to cover the truth.


Other Nigerians also joined in insisting Hanks is not OK.



He has now released a video which he recorded today.


In the video, he called out today’s date and told people writing crap about him to desist from doing so. He then told them to “find Jesus and leave me alone.”


Watch the video below.