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Mexican woman cut open by assailants who stole her unborn baby

Dec 6, 2022

Mexican authorities have confirmed the death of a pregnant woman who was cut open by two assailants who stole her unborn baby.


The attorney general’s office in the eastern state of Veracruz said in a statement, that the suspects were arrested with a newborn in their possession. 


The suspects said to be a man and a woman, appeared before a judge on Monday, December 5, after being accused of kidnapping and femicide.


Local media reported that this is the third case that was carried out in the same manner in recent years. Relatives of the deceased also disclosed that the victim was lured to her death through social media with a promise of clothes for her baby.


An official linked to the investigation who spoke to AFP said the suspects sliced open the victim to extract the fetus because the woman attacker was unable to have children herself.