• Thu. Jan 26th, 2023


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"Angela did this… Leave my husband alone" Woman creates a scene as she suddenly "runs mad" in Abuja (video)

Jan 4, 2023

A crowd gathered at Jahi Junction in Abuja when a woman suddenly ran “mad” and began calling on a certain Angela to leave her husband alone.


A video shared online shows a well-dressed woman pacing and screaming out a message to “Angela”.


“Angela did this,” she said.


She is also heard calling her “husband” and asking for him to be left alone.


“Leave my husband alone,” she added.


Passersby gathered and asked for a way to help her.


When spectators asked who Angela is and how they can reach her, the woman said: “When they said ‘go to school, go to school’ you didn’t ask a dumb question. You’re not dumb f**k. Please, go to that house, you’ll see Angela.”


She then points into the distance but her audience were left even more confused.


The video has been shared with the hopes of finding her family members.


Anyone who knows her is encouraged to go to Mabushi Police Station in Abuja.



Watch the video below.